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Image Use and Copyright

All images on TRIBALCOG are strictly copyright of Beren Patterson unless otherwise stated. If you would like to use any image please follow these guidelines:

Commercial Use

All images are available for sale online through my commercial site ZHERO.COM. Images on ZHERO.COM are linked through to Alamy Images, one of my stock agencies who will offer you a fair price, a quick purchase and protection for both you and me. For more information about Alamy Images, my relationship to them, and other common questions, please click here.

You can search my images on Alamy here:



If you wish to purchase usage on an image outside of those conditions please feel free to email me with any questions or requests giving details of:

  • which image (a description, the url or the file name)
  • image use (e.g. magazine, book, website, etc)
  • image location (e.g. cover, inside, front of website, etc)
  • print size (e.g. full page, quarter page, etc)
  • distribution (which countries)
  • duration of use
  • which industry (what your company or client does)
  • file size

Non-profit NGO

I am regularly approached by non-profit NGO's wanting to use images for promotional material. I am often willing for my work to be used to help communities and groups in need for no cost. If you are interested in using an image or images please email me first with the image name (or URL), the web address of your organization and what the image would be used for.

Personal Print Use

You must first send me a brief email telling me which image you wish to use and what you want to use it for. I may turn down the use of images in some instances and my decision is final. In general, I allow the use of any of my images for personal, non-profit use so long as all copyright information remains and you credit the image to me with a link to ZHERO.COM.

An example of personal use would be a school essay.

Personal Website Use

You must first send me an email asking for the use of the image(s), your website's address and what you want to use it for. I may turn down the use of images in some instances and my decision is final. Generally, I grant use for images on non-profit personal websites. However, the image must be linked off TRIBALCOG using the HTML on right. You must also put a link to ZHERO.COM under the image using the same code. I will let you know the URL to the image on ZHERO.COM if you can't find it. If I have granted you use of an image I may withdraw that use at any time, without warning and without giving a reason.

All images remain copyright Beren Patterson unless otherwise noted. You may not alter, claim ownership, display on your website or otherwise use any image without my express written permission. Failure to follow these simple guidelines will result in legal action.

Understanding Licensing Terms

Please ensure that you understand licensing terms properly. Click here for more information on licensing terms and how to choose the right licensing model for your needs.

Contact Details

Click here to send me an email requesting the use of an image


Use the HTML below to link images from TRIBALCOG onto your site after I have granted you written permission to use a specific image.

To do this just copy the text and make the changes in italics to reflect the path of the image you are using.

<a href="http://www.zhero.com/" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.tribalcog.com/change image path here" alt="Image linked from ZHERO.COM copyright Beren Patterson. All rights reserved."><br>Image copyright Beren Patterson. All Rights Reserved. ZHERO.COM></a>

Please do not change the alt tag or the link text. If you don't wish to do this please find an image elsewhere.