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Special Thanks

To my friends and family who have helped with the development of this site. Your encouragement, spell-checking and advice have been greatly appreciated.

Paul Smith for making coding look easy when I got stuck and his ability to help over a quiet beer.

And, most importantly, thanks to the countless thousands who have always made me welcome in their country. I can never begin to repay you.

Software Used to Create this site

I developed this site using Open Source or otherwise freely available server software. The development software is commercially available. By using Open Source software I am able to create this site how I want quickly and relatively painlessly. The Open Source software used is, in many cases the industry standard, like Apache and Sendmail and in others is what I believe to be best of breed - like Red Hat Linux

The postcard system is powered by Postcard Direct by Peter Sundstrom. This is by far the best ecard system I have seen as it delivers the electronic postcards directly to the recipient in a nice, small email. My only slight problem with Postcard Direct is turning features off as it has way too many options for my simple needs!

All development was done on Apple Mac computers using Adobe PhotoShop and the best text editor in the business: Bare Bones Software's BBEdit. I use the superb VueScan by Hamrick Software. This is greatly superior to the software that comes with my Nikon scanner and works with almost any other current or recent scanner. Most of my recent work is done entirely on digital which is great for my workflow, but I still love the quality of a good slide film like Fuji Provia.


As I mentioned the software that runs my site is free to download and use. The people who make this have talent to burn and without the gazzillions of contributions to Open Source and free software this site would never get off the ground. You guys are amazing!

Making a Site?

When I first started with the concept of TRIBALCOG finding how I was going to put it all together took me a lot of trial and error.

If you would like to create a site similar to this or would like to implement any of TRIBALCOG’s features and are unsure how to proceed please feel free to email me for assistance.